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Monumental clock making in the service of architecture
and interior design

Master clock makers, Dominique and Bernard Paschal are passionate about their craft and its traditions and deliberately cultivate the ideal of “L’artisanat à la Francaise” an ideal which combines a spirit which is open to innovation with the traditional know-how of their father and grandfather.

Dominique et Bernard PASCHAL

Dominique et Bernard PASCHAL

« Our workshops demonstrate this ideal in 5 ways  :

1. The expertise gleaned from the knowledge of 3 generations of clock makers (1908 – 1947 – 1983),

2. Our commitment to quality which is evidenced in all our projects,

3. Our ability to wonder and to invent new ways of doing things in order to produce unique pieces of work,

4. Our ability to bring together the best skills to make exceptional projects possible,

5. And finally, our conviction that we can push the boundaries of clock making so our clocks will be found in new and different places in the future »


>> the security of traditional know-how
 >> the culture of excellence

>> innovation

>> control of the process

>> vision


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